Jamie Soles CD - Wells

Jamie Soles CD - Wells

by Jamie Soles
Publisher: Jamie Soles
©2009, Item: 28554
Audio CD
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Wells. Places of refreshment. Important meetings happen there. Nations fight over them. Many of the Bible patriarchs met their wives at wells. Women and wells are a common biblical connection, and are representative of one another. The well brings forth water from the ground for the sustaining of life, the woman brings forth children from herself for the perpetuation of life.

In the long years of waiting for the Messiah, the Lord continually provided wells and water for His people, a picture of what He would ultimately do for us in Jesus, where we become wells of living water for the life of the world. We flow out into the world, expending ourselves for their sakes, and the world becomes less barren. The hard ground is softened, made ready to bring forth trees that will bear good fruit, and which will one day stand on the banks of a great river, the mighty flow which issues from innumerable wells and springs, to eventually sweeten the waters of the sea. (Ez. 47)

All the earth will one day know the refreshment the Lord brings. And you who have come to the party early, come and drink. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Jamie Soles
October 30, 2009
Grande Prairie, AB

In the much-beloved style of Jamie's classic The Way My Story Goes CD, Wells celebrates the wonderful biblical encounters that God's people have with the Living Water when they gather to drink water at physical wells.

Tracks: (click on each track title for an MP3 sample or here for lyrics)
  1. Rolls Down
  2. Lot
  3. Looking for Rebekah
  4. Keep the Feast (to the tune of "Do Re Me")
  5. Heaps Upon Heaps
  6. Fight Mr. Philistine!
  7. Stone of Beth-Shemesh
  8. Ebenezer
  9. Bad Guys, Part 4
  10. Is This the Way
  11. This Old Man (revised)
  12. Well, Well, Well
  13. Benny
  14. Jericho
  15. Tool
  16. John
  17. Purification
  18. The Fooling of the Twelve
  19. Woman At a Well
  20. More
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