Jamie Soles CD - Weight of Glory

Jamie Soles CD - Weight of Glory

by Jamie Soles
Publisher: Jamie Soles
©2007, Item: 9161
Audio CD
Price: $16.00
Here we gaze on things that are unseen
Through the eyes of faith we see them
Flex your muscles, throw troubles to the wind
Don't you feel the weight
Feel the weight of glory...

Stories. The Bible is full of them. Characters. Great doers of deeds both noble and foul; minor actors of whom we catch only glimpses. Men and women whose faith (and whose lack of faith) bleeds through their actions. Our fathers and mothers in the faith are there, spurring us on to love and good works, and we learn what that means as we study them and their examples.

There are hundreds of stories in the Scriptures, each with a multitude of different ways to approach them, to open them up for others to see. And yet there is truly only one story, of God's plan in Jesus to bring His world from immaturity to maturity, from childhood to adulthood. All the many and varied stories of Scripture form the shape of this plan, and you and I are a part of it, like David, and Cain, and Joseph. And though we face many afflictions along the way, we are assured by Jesus that they are light ones, and are preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comprehension.


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  1. Cain - Gen. 4
  2. Waiting For Me - Gen. 41:45
  3. I've Got A Day - Ex. 16:23
  4. Shiloh - Josh. 18:1-4
  5. Under His Wings - Ruth 1
  6. Ahithophel - 2 Sam. 15:31
  7. Confession Of A Fool - Ps. 14
  8. Crying - Prov. 8
  9. What Are You Doing Here - 1 Kgs. 19
  10. Who Knows - Est. 4:14
  11. Jesus Is Here! - Lk. 1-2
  12. Still Awake In Nazareth - Mt. 1:18-23
  13. Son
  14. Blessed - Mt. 5:2-11
  15. Soul - Mk. 8:36
  16. Weight of Glory - 2 Cor. 4:7-18
  17. This Confidence In Me - 2 Tim. 4:18
Review by Amanda Evans

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  A More Meditative Album
Amanda Evans of Oregon City, 10/17/2008
While I would have to say that Memorials is my favorite Jamie Soles CD, Weight of Glory is definitely worth listening to. Where Memorials has more energy and variety in the songs and the sound is appealing to both children and adults, Weight of Glory might be boring to young listeners. With a more contemplative sound, most of the songs are slower paced and feature more of Jamie Soles than his wife and children. Some of the songs include: a lament over Cain, a Christian hymn in word pictures,?a plea for God to have mercy (based on Psalm 14), Mordecai's plea to Esther, and Ruth longing for God and His promised land. There is a song about the beatitudes, one rejoicing in God's promises (based on 2 Cor. 4:1-7), and my favorite about Timothy's faith that the Lord would deliver him and preserve him for His heavenly kingdom even though he'd never been sent in exile to the mines,?never seen principalities and powers. Rather than simply telling Bible stories, this CD is more of a meditation on God's faithfulness and the weight of His glory.