Jamie Soles CD - Up From Here

Jamie Soles CD - Up From Here

by Jamie Soles
Publisher: Jamie Soles
©2003, Item: 5191
Audio CD
Price: $16.00

Up From Here is a thematic collection of Bible story and list songs, centered around the theme of the Exodus. There are many stories in Scripture which replay this motif over and over, and Jamie Soles has gathered several of them together here.

The songs begin in the Garden of Eden, rejoicing in God's good gifts; then mourn at the Fall and the resulting fall-out. The title track is taken from the story of Joseph, when he is giving instructions to his brothers about his bones; a highlight comes in the deliverance from Egypt. The songs follow Israel through the desert, picking out scenes which are not often pondered; they follow the Ark of God into Philistia with the resulting hilarity. They visit Abigail, who needs an Exodus, and ultimately Israel herself in the same situation at the exile into Babylon. They rejoice greatly upon Israel's release to come back home, but reflect upon the need for a greater deliverance yet. They wait and long for the true Deliverer to come, they marvel at the Incarnation, they express their faith in Jesus, the promised King.

Is this a children's album? Yes, and more! It is built to appeal to those who love the Scriptures, and to assist those who want their children to be full of Bible stories. Built for children, but definitely not childish. Full of humor, but not silly. Sober, but with an underlying laughter which boils over quite often.

Tracks: (click on each track title for an MP3 sample)

  1. Take And Eat - Gen. 2:9, 16
  2. Into The World - Gen. 2:10-15
  3. Lady Don't Listen - Gen. 3
  4. East Wind - Gen. 3:22-24
  5. Up From Here - Gen. 50:22-25
  6. Follow The Line - 1 Chron. 1, Matt. 1
  7. Let My People Go - Ex. 7-12
  8. Do It Again - Num. 7
  9. Sign Of The Cross - Num. 2
  10. Land Of Canaan - Josh. 3
  11. Rats (The Philistine's Lament) - 1 Sam. 4-6
  12. Bad Guys, Part 3 - Jud. 3, 1 Sam. 17, Jud. 9
  13. Remember Me - 1 Sam. 25
  14. Seventy Years - Jer. 25:1-14, 52:1-30
  15. Homeland - Ps. 137
  16. You Can Go - Ezra 1:1-4
  17. As the Hart - Ps. 42
  18. King
  19. Apostle's Creed (No sample available)
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