Jamie Soles CD - Good Advice

Jamie Soles CD - Good Advice

by Jamie Soles
Publisher: Jamie Soles
©1997, Item: 5189
Audio CD
Price: $16.00

A children's album filled with great, memorable Bible and list songs, which grew out of Bible story times in the Soles household. Nothing like a song to help you remember!

Built on the premise that children prefer food to fluff, Good Advice treats children like grown-ups; it does not talk down to them, or play to their natural foolishness, but rather builds on the expectation that the child will one day be an adult. These are songs to grow by.

Tracks: (click on each track title for an MP3 sample or here for lyrics)
  1. In the Beginning - Genesis 1
  2. Adam and Eve - Genesis 2-3
  3. The Garden of Eden - Genesis 3:22-24
  4. Cain and Abel - Genesis 4:1-8
  5. Judgment Day
  6. The Patriarch Song
  7. Marah - Exodus 15:22-27
  8. Set a Guard - Psalm 141:3
  9. Good Advice - Exodus 18
  10. I Crossed My Eyes
  11. Nadab and Abihu - Leviticus 10:1-2
  12. Rahab
  13. Sin in the Camp - Joshua 7
  14. Hope in the Lord - Psalm 131
  15. A Gentle Answer - Proverbs 15:1
  16. Books in the Bible
  17. Low in the Grave He Lay
  18. Paul and Silas
  19. Praise Him Praise Him

Jamie Soles has recently started offering Sheet Music for this CD!

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