James Tertius De Kay

James de Kay is a man of many interests apart from his writing, and has a wide variety of occupations to his credit. Born in New York City on April 28, 1930, de Kay served his country as a soldier in the army from 1949-1950, and as a member of the Air Force Reserve from 1952-1958. Between those two periods in the service, de Kay obtained his bachelor's degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. During the next decade, he began to publish his own books, some of which are self-illustrated. While writing, de Kay worked additionally for an advertising agency in New York as a copywriter, and has associated himself with Survival Anglia Ltd. since 1972. One of his main interests, a self-proclaimed "expertise" of his, is filmaking; he is the producer of over two hundred and forty wildlife films, among other documentary-style works. Other "expertises" of de Kay's inlude advertising, astronomy, sinstrality, and the brain (he is, by his own admittance, fascinated by "off-beat" subjects). More generally, history, art, and architecture also hold a place in his enthusiasm, making for a very well-rounded and inquisitive personality. James de Kay has been twice married, and is the father of three children.

Works by James de Kay:

  • Stargazers (self-illustrated)
  • Left-Hand Book (self-illustrated)
  • Meet Christopher Columbus (juvenile)
  • Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. (juvenile)
  • A Billion Dollars
  • Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander
  • World We Live In (Co-author of two of the documentaries in this series, created for Time-Life television)
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