James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism

James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism

Immortals of Science
by Charles Paul May, Robert Tidd (Illustrator)
Publisher: Franklin Watts
©1962, Item: 48177
Hardcover, 151 pages
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The genius of the Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, lay in his unmatched ability to synthesize scientific facts. His mathematical brilliance caused him to become one of the giants in the history of theoretical physics.

Maxwell's chief contribution to the development of science was his monumental theoretical deduction predicting the existence of electromagnetic waves whose behavior was like that of light waves. Many 20th century discoveries in the electromagnetic field have evolved from his findings.

From theoretical reasoning alone, Maxwell proved that the rings of Saturn could not be solid and continuous. Heat, the kinetic theory of gases, color vision, and color blindness also were brilliantly investigated by him.

Charles Paul May was born in Bedford, Iowa, and attended Drake University in Des Moines. Upon graduation, he attended Oklahoma A. & M.; later, he taught there and at Ohio University. Currently he is with the editorial staff of The Book of Knowledge, and regularly reviews books in many newspapers.

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