Jacobean and Early Bourbon Fashions - Coloring Book

Jacobean and Early Bourbon Fashions - Coloring Book

Dover Coloring Books
by Tom Tierney
Publisher: Dover Publications
Coloring Book, 46 pages
List Price: $3.95 Sale Price: $2.96

The royal courts of seventeenth-century England and France were indeed pleasure-loving. James I, a Stewart from Scotland, ruled England from 1603-1625. In France, Henry IV (1553-1610), the first Bourbon king, was followed by four others—Louis XIII through Louis XVI. While the British monarchs patronized the arts and argued persistently with Parliament over the divine right of kings, the French rulers built Versailles and engaged in countless court intrigues.

Tom Tierney provides a panorama of clothing styles for this era. Accurate, ready-to-color drawings portray elegant apparel worn by royals and the wealthy from both countries, as well as simple fare for the common folk. Forty-five full-page illustrations display a variety of garments and accessories—from jeweled capes, trunk hose, doublets, and breeches for men to silk gowns, ruff collards, and lace-edged aprons for the ladies. Boots, gloves, shoes, hats, coiffures, and fans complement the wardrobes.

Captions accompany each illustration in a collection that will not only appeal to costume historians and designers, but will also delight colorists of all ages.

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