Jack's Insects: Narration & Nature Study Notebook

Jack's Insects: Narration & Nature Study Notebook

by Karen Smith
Spiralbound, 109 pages
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Make your child’s adventure with Jack and Maggie even more exciting!

Now you can expand on the adventures described in the living science book Jack’s Insects. In this comprehensive Narration & Nature Study Notebook you will find leading narration questions, pre-screened websites and book suggestions, plus lots of nature study ideas that correspond with the chapters in Jack’s Insects.

Book List for Jack’s Insects Narration and Nature Study Notebook

  • Jack’s Insects by Edmund Selous
  • Field guides for insects and butterflies. Our favorites include
    • National Wildlife Federation: Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America by Arthur V. Evans
    • Princeton Field Guides: Caterpillars of Eastern North America by David L. Wagner
  • Field Trips: Bug Hunting, Animal Tracking, Bird-watching, Shore Walking with Jim Arnosky (optional nature study reference book but highly recommended)
  • Insect Investigators: Entomologists (Scientists at Work) by Richard Spilsbury
  • The Life Cycles of Butterflies: From Egg to Maturity, a Visual Guide to 23 Common Garden Butterflies by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards
  • An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly by Laurence Pringle (optional; out of print)
  • Jungle Bugs: Masters of Camouflage and Mimicry by Bruce Purser
  • Praying Mantises: Hungry Insect Heroes (Insect World) by Sandra Markle
  • Social Life in the Insect World by Jean Henri Fabre
  • Locusts: Insects on the Move by Sandra Markle
  • The Fiddlehoppers: Crickets, Katydids, and Locusts by Phyllis Perry
  • Bible
  • On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Grasshoppers and Crickets of North America by Sara Swan Miller
  • Cicadas!: Strange and Wonderful by Laurence Pringle
  • Animal Lives: Bees and Wasps (Qeb Animal Lives) by Sally Morgan
  • The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles by Jean Henri Fabre
  • Fireflies (Bugs Bugs Bugs) by Margaret Hall
  • Spiders by Seymour Simon
  • Bramble-Bees and Others by Jean Henri Fabre

Click on the Book List tab to see a full list of the resources needed for these lesson plans.

In this self-directed study, your child will

  • Recall more details about each episode.—The leading narration questions encourage the student to give a full retelling of what took place in each chapter of Jack’s Insects.
  • Learn more about the insects in the book.—We recommend several interesting and pre-screened websites and books to encourage your student to develop his own relation with each insect he reads about.
  • Discover the insects in his own neighborhood.—A handy master insect list, insect-watching and drawing tips, and plenty of drawing pages make this notebook a great tool for corresponding nature study.
  • Work at his own pace.—Flexible lessons allow your student to read, narrate, research, and discover more about Jack’s Insects during one term or a full year. It’s your choice.
  • Create a personal record of his science studies.—With the Jack’s Insects Narration & Nature Study Notebook, your student’s narrations, research, and nature study notes are all collected and organized in an attractive notebook to treasure for years to come.
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