Jack London's Dog

Jack London's Dog

by Dirk Wales, Barry Moser (Illustrator)
Publisher: Great Plains Press
Hardcover, 62 pages
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There are stories behind all great legends. In 1903 Call of the Wild became an American Classic, and Jack London became the most popular author in America until he died in 1916.

An unknown part of the legend was a dog whose name was also Jack. This dog lived with Jack London for a short period during the Yukon gold rush of 1897. They became friends. When London became ill and had to leave the gold country before panning for yellow dust, he remembered Jack, the dog. He used Jack as a model for Buck, the mythic hero of Call of the Wild.

We know what happened to Jack London, to Buck and to Call of the Wild, but what happened to Jack, the dog who was left behind? This is our story.

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