Jack London Stories of Adventure

Jack London Stories of Adventure

47 Dramatic Short Stories with Original Illustrations

by Jack London, Frank Oppel (Compiler), Russ Kingman (Introduction)
Publisher: Castle Books
Hardcover, 482 pages
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"PLEASE, Miss, could I have something to read?" The time was 1886. The speaker was ten-year-old Jack London, shabbily clothed, carrying a bundle of old newspapers under his arm. The place was the Oakland Library and the occasion was Jack London's introduction to the world of literature. Here, too, began one of the world's great literary careers. Reading Jack London is to be a sailor on dogsled on Klondike gold fields or a sailor on a schooner hunting for seals in the Bering Sea. Here is a book that belongs on the shelf of every armchair adventurer. If you haven't read Jack London before, you won't want to stop. If you're already a Jack London fan, you know his stories and novels are even more exciting the second and third time around. Here are 46 of his finest stories and his giant novel of the boxing world, The Game. Here is an American original. During his time he was the best paid and most popular author in the world. Read Jack London and join the world!

Table of Contents:

Haunts of Jack London

  1. To the Man on the Trail
  2. An Odyssey of the North
  3. A Thousand Deaths
  4. The Priestly Prerogative
  5. The Minions of Midas
  6. Diable—A Dog
  7. In Yeddo Bay
  8. The Leopard Man's Story
  9. Love of Life
  10. Planchette
  11. The Unexpected
  12. Two Gold Bricks
  13. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  14. Brown Wolf
  15. The Sun-Dog Trail 
  16. A Relic of the Pliocene
  17. The Story of Jees Uck
  18. The League of the Old Men
  19. The One Thousand Dozen
  20. A Hyperborean Brew
  21. Which Make Men Remember
  22. The Master of Mystery
  23. Keesh, the Son of Keesh
  24. Nam-Box the Unveracious
  25. The Death of Ligoun
  26. Li Wan, the Fair
  27. The Game 
  28. Siwash
  29. Pluck and Pertinacity
  30. The Sickness of Lone Chief
  31. At the Rainbow's End
  32. The Banks of the Sacramento
  33. The Marriage of Lit-Lit

    Seven Tales of the Fish Patrol
  34. White and Yellow
  35. The King of the Greeks
  36. A Raid on the Oyster Pirates
  37. The Siege of the "Lancashire Queen"
  38. Charlie's "Coup"
  39. Demetrious Contos
  40. "Yellow Handkerchief"
  41. A Daughter of the Aurora
  42. The Lost Poacher
  43. Chris Farrington, Able Seaman
  44. The Sunlanders
  45. Where the Trail Forks
  46. Dutch Courage
  47. Jan, the Unrepentant
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