Island Queen

Island Queen

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 313 pages
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In The Island Queen, one of R.M. Ballantyne more well-known stories set in the South Pacific, Paulina, Dominick and Otto Rigonda manage to make it in a life boat to an uninhabited coral reef island after their ship is destroyed at sea. Thankful to be alive, they begin to explore their new island home, and learn the skills they need to survive.

They live together happily with the brothers caring for and enjoying their gracious sister. However, after some time another ship is wrecked on their island during a storm. The Rigonda siblings help rescue many of the crew and passengers. A colony is established and the need for government quickly becomes apparent as the newcomers do not live peaceably with each other, struggling and fighting amongst themselves. The biblical virtues of a godly woman begin to be felt by all, as the sailors love the peaceable and gentle Paulina, recognizing her wisdom, and ask her to be their "queen." She consents and helps govern them with the assistance, oversight and protection of her brothers.

Together, they experience many adventures, are kidnapped by natives, but rescued through a daring attempt. Eventually, as ship is built and plans laid to escape. Suddenly, their volcanic island home erupts and slowly drops back into the sea. Do they survive and ever see dear old England again? Find out in the exciting finish of The Island Queen.

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