Investigating Career Paths

Investigating Career Paths

Publisher: Basic Skills
©2007, Item: 9288
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The purpose of Investigating Career Paths is to provide the student with an opportunity to explore career possibilities in and beyond high school. Whether or not a student has specific career interests, this course will help reveal personal skills, habits, and affinities through ten interactive tests. This course is intended to familiarize them with the thought, investigation, and process necessary in choosing and securing a job.

Course Contents:

  • The Everything Career tests Book Study Guide Student Questions
  • The Everything Career tests Book Study Guide Answer Key
  • Two Career Investigation Worksheets
  • Two Career Field Interview Forms
  • Two Job Shadow Worksheets
  • The Resume Guide

Course Objectives:

  • Identify personal aptitudes
  • Investigate career fields of interest
  • Learn how to obtain a job

Required Material:

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