Introduction to Classical Studies - MP Package

Introduction to Classical Studies - MP Package

by Cheryl Lowe
Publisher: Memoria Press
©2013, Item: 53255
Curriculum Bundle, 179 pages
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D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths

This book is a classic. It is beautifully illustrated, and the retelling of these stories is sensitively done for the younger set. Read it to your family first, and then let your children read these stories again and again. They will learn them so well they will put whatever knowledge you have to shame. The beautiful artwork will serve as a wonderful teaching tool as you peruse the pictures and ask questions about each detail. Greek myths are timeless and universal stories that serve as archetypes for human character and the search for the divine. A classical education must begin with a thorough knowledge of Greek mythology.

Famous Men of Rome

The Romans were history's great men of action, making the study of Rome ideal for beginners of all ages, but especially for younger students who are fascinated by the abundant action and drama of Roman history. In addition, an understanding of modern political history is impossible without a thorough understanding of Rome. There are thirty stories covering the history of Rome, from its founding under Romulus to the last emperor in the West. Your children will see the rise and fall of a great civilization through the lives of Horatius, Camillus, Caesar, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, and many other larger-than-life figures. Rome serves as a model civilization, the mastery of which provides a foundation for all other history study.

The Golden Children's Bible

With so many Bible storybooks on the market, why this one? Two reasons: text and illustrations. The stories are broken down into small digestible chunks, each with dramatic and realistic pictures. The text is mostly simplified from the King James, but retains the elevated style and rhythm of the original—all on a 3rd-5th grade reading level. The Bible is a unique book with an inimitable style; when its stories are retold in modern everyday speech, they often suffer from trivialization. Ideally, a Bible storybook should prepare the child to read and listen to Scripture with awe and reverence, recognizing that it is different from other books. This is the only Bible storybook we have found that does that. In addition, the abundant and dramatic illustrations on every page make it appealing to a wide age range. This book should become a part of your family heritage to be handed down and enjoyed by your grandchildren.

Introduction to Classical Studies: Memoria Press Study Guide to Greek Myths, Bible Stories, and Roman History

Like Latina Christiana, this course is based on the teaching and classroom experience of Cheryl Lowe's cottage school classes. With this guide and the above three books, you will learn how to teach, learn, and master these basic stories that are so fundamental to a classical education. The guide contains a three-year reading plan, a pronunciation guide, an incremental schedule of meaningful learning activities, and much more. To understand how Christ changed the world radically and eternally, step back in time and learn why Scripture calls the classical age "the fullness of time." Charts and explanatory notes such as "Christ Conquers Caesar" contrast the pagan and Christian order and show how Christ was the fulfillment of all of history. Read and reread the classical stories at a leisurely pace, and you and your child will have time to reflect, ponder, and wonder about the timeless and universal stories from the City of God and the City of Man. Your children will be well prepared for advanced classical studies.

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