Introduction to Aristotle

Introduction to Aristotle

by Aristotle
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Aristotle's contribution to Western civilization is enormous. Our language, our distinctions, our ways of thinking, all are profoundly affected by his work. Since an understanding of Aristotle is indispensable for the understanding of our own culture, the ready availability of his work is crucial.

This collection, for students and general readers alike, provides in one volume Posterior Analytics (Logic), De Anima (On the Soul), Nicomachean Ethics, and Poetics, complete and unabridged, together with generous selections from Physics, On the Parts of Animals, Metaphysics, Politics, and Rhetoric. These works, together with Professor McKeon's introductions, provide a convenient and thorough exposure to the works of Aristotle and to the structural inter-relations in the Aristotelian system of thought.


  • Posterior Analytics
  • Physics
  • On the Soul
  • Metaphysics
  • Nicomachean Ethics
  • Politics
  • Poetics
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