Intro to Policy Debate - Book Package

Intro to Policy Debate - Book Package

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Intro to Policy Debate can be used as a stand-alone course for 1 high school credit in debate and argumentation and/or as a theory class in preparation to enter a local competitive homeschool debate league. This course will cover the foundational concepts and theory of policy debate. Basic federal government, American free-enterprise economics, logic, and Christian worldview principles will be discussed in class as they relate to policy debate and apply to our class scrimmage topic.

This course will deal with: what is debate; what is logical thinking; how to research, organize, and properly prepare a compelling argument based upon cited evidence; how to present the affirmative and negative positions in policy debate; reflection upon good speech and delivery skills; and the structure of a policy debate event. The final paper for this class will be a written case construction based upon the class scrimmage topic.

All students will be required to participate in in-class scrimmages to put theory into actual debate experience. Generally students should expect to spend approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours of time per week for reading, homework assignments, and research to complete the basic course successfully. More timewill be required to complete the final case argumentation. Additional expansion exercises and unit threads will be suggested for those who would like deeper study or to use debate as a unit study approach to government, economics, current events and worldview. A certificate of completion will be given by the instructor.

Beaverton Homeschool Debate Club, Instructor Mrs. Tammy Arp, taught at Southwest Hills Baptist Church, 9100 SW 135th Avenue, Beaverton. An 18-week theory class starts in the Fall which includes theory and competitive rounds. No travel required! May be taken each year as a continuing class as debate topic changes. Teacher email: Open to the general Christian homeschool community. For homeschooled students ages 14 to 18. For more information, see their website at


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  Debate Class
CHRIS H. of BEAVERTON, 6/9/2011
This course looks great on the high school transcript. My son took the course twice during his high school years. He learned to do research, to think logically and analytically, to speak persuasively in front of an audience. Just the self-confidence and communication skills gained were well worth the small fee. If I had to do it over I would have him start in his freshman year and take it all four years of high school. Each year the topic is different and each year the student's speaking and reasoning skills get stronger. Highly recommend this course.