Intermediate Logic - DVD (with Brian Kohl)

Intermediate Logic - DVD (with Brian Kohl)

Mastering Propositional Arguments

by Brian Kohl
Publisher: Canon Press
3rd Edition, ©2019, Publisher Catalog #DVD-N162
Price: $75.00

Once students have developed the fundamentals of logic taught in Introductory Logic, they are ready to move on to analysis of arguments.

Completely revised and expanded, the Intermediate Logic DVD course will help students eighth grade and up master propositional logic. This isn't just a supplement—it's an entire logic course, developed over decades in the classroom. Instructor Brian Kohl will walk you through every lesson in the best-selling Intermediate Logic textbook: truth tables, formal proofs of validity, truth trees, and much more, not to mention an optional unit on digital logic (the logical language on which most everyday gadgets run) and a vital lesson on how to identify arguments in real writing and analyze their structure.

Get the DVD as part of the easy-to-use, easy-to-teach Intermediate Logic Program. Enjoy!

Instructor: Brian Kohl | Runtime: 11 hours 25 minutes | DVD-9 - 4 Disc Set | Widescreen NTSC, Region 0

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