Interactive Notebook: The American Revolution

Interactive Notebook: The American Revolution

American History Series
by Schyrlet Cameron
Publisher: Mark Twain Media
Consumable Workbook, 62 pages
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Notebook Features:
• 64 pages, about 8 inches x 11 inches
• Ages 10-14, Grades 5-8
• Covers British rule and colonies, the road to independence, war, and more
• Helps students record, store, and organize information for review/test prep
• Correlated to state standards

Hands-On Learning: The American Revolution Interactive Notebook helps 5th-8th graders create their own American history resource. Students strengthen their US history knowledge and creative and organizational skills through interactive learning.

What’s Included: The 64-page American history book features 19 lessons and 5 units of study focusing on the American Revolution through interactive content. Students record, store, and organize essential information that is useful for test prep.

Correlated To State Standards: This standards-based notebook teaches US history through topics and lessons such as British rule and colonies, road to independence, war, and peace.

Benefits Of Interactive Notebooks: Students are encouraged to be creative, use color, and work with interactive content to gain a greater understanding of the topics covered, and become active participants in their own learning journey.

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