Integrative Theology

Integrative Theology


by Gordon Lewis, Bruce Demarest
Publisher: Zondervan
Hardcover, 1544 pages
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Integrative Theology is designed to help students in a pluralistic world utilize a standard method of fruitful research.

Each chapter on a major doctrine: (1) states a classic issue of ultimate concern; (2) surveys alternative past and present answers; and (3) tests those proposals by their congruence with information on the subject progressively revealed from Genesis to Revelation. Then the chapter (4) formulates a doctrinal conclusion that consistently fits the many lines of biblical data; (5) defends that conviction respectfully; and finally (6) explores the conclusion's relevance to a person's spiritual birth, growth and service to others, all for the glory of God. In short, Integrative Theology masterfully integrates the disciplines of historical, biblical, systematic, apologetic, and practical theology.

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