Integrated Life - CD

Integrated Life - CD

by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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The Mississippi Family Conference, Spring 2008

Thanks be to God: the Gospel does not allow us to live divided lives. Our education, our careers, our relationships, and our worship are all bound up together in our calling to submit to the Lordship of Christ—that is, our calling ot live as Christians. These six talks by Pastor Wilson encourage us to strive after a Gospel-filled life, always seeking to embody the doctrines and beliefs we confess.

Lectures in this set:

  1. Education That's Christian All the Way Down (Part 1)
  2. Education That's Christian All the Way Down (Part 2)
  3. God and Everything Else
  4. What Is a Christian Worldview
  5. Christ and Your Calling
  6. The Integrated Life
  7. What Worship Is; What Worship Does
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