Ingredients of Godly Discipline

Ingredients of Godly Discipline

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As Christian parents, we want to give our children well-rounded, biblically informed discipline. We want to walk side by side with them towards godly maturity in Christ.

We want train them in a spirit of gentleness. We want to point them to Jesus and help them know the forgiveness and the power of the Gospel.

This mini-chart will help you provide this kind of godly nurture for your children.

Ingredients of Godly Discipline will help you:

  • Be better prepared for teachable moments
  • Train your child in a way that builds up your relationship
  • Point your child to the gospel every time you discipline
  • Address heart issues, not just outward behavior
  • Know the right purpose and place for chastisement
  • Encourage confession of sin, forgiveness, and restoration

Here's what you get:

  • Six "ingredients" that contribute to a home atmosphere of godly nurture
  • A relevant Bible verse for each "ingredient"
  • Application points and tips for each "ingredient"
  • On the back: ideas for using the chart and additional Bible references to study
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