Infallibility and Interpretation

Infallibility and Interpretation

by Rousas John Rushdoony, P. Andrew Sandlin
Trade Paperback, 100 pages
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The question of Biblical infallibility rests ultimately in the character of God. The argument for Biblical infallibility (like all ultimate claims) is necessarily circular: we affirm Biblical infallibility because the God Whom the Bible reveals could speak in no other way than infallibly, and the because the Bible in which God is revealed asserts that God alone speaks infallibly.

Men deny Biblical infallibility not for intellectual reasons, but for ethical reasons—they are at war with God. Unbelieving covenant-breakers do not deny Biblical infallibility because it is too hard to reconcile with "reason" or with the discoveries of the modern world—they deny Biblical infallibility because they are rebels.

Likewise, covenant-keeping Christians do not affirm Biblical infallibility because they can demonstrate that the Bible conforms to the canons of modern science in every detail—rather, they affirm Biblical infallibility because the God of the universe speaks in no other way than infallibly. Science is impossible unless there is such a God as our infallible Bible reveals.

In this small but crucial work by R. J. Rushdoony and Andrew Sandlin, the two authors explore the implications of Biblical infallibility and interpretation from a distinctly presuppositional perspective. These authors believe man is a creature of faith, not (following the Enlightenment's humanism) of reason. And they are convinced that only by a recovery of faith in an infallible Bible and obedience to its every command can Christians hope to turn back evil both in today's church and culture.

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