Indians of the Longhouse

Indians of the Longhouse

The Story of the Iroquois

Sonia Bleeker's Tribes of the Americas
by Sonia Bleeker, Althea Karr (Illustrator)
©1950, Item: 52885
Hardcover, 160 pages
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This is not a book about Indians and their bloody raids on the settlers of colonial times. Instead, it is the first of a series which will tell the story of different Indian tribes and how they lived before their country was invaded by Europeans.

The Iroquois, a federation of six different tribes, dominated a great territory three hundred years ago. It centered in what is now New York State, but its power was felt over a much larger area. These Indians were farmers as well as fighters. Their crops of corn and squash, grown in fields hacked out of the dense forest, were more important to them than enemy scalps. People of the longhouse, they called themselves. They lives in villages consisting of long barnlike dwellings made of poles and bark, each one housing ten or more families. Theirs was a community life. The work of hunting, cultivating the fields, harvesting the crops, and making tools and weapons and clothing was shared by all the people of the village.

What did they eat? How did they dress? What were their weapons? What games did they play? How were the tribes governed? What were their festivals and holidays? All these and many other questions are answered in chapters as interesting as any story book. The last one tells about the Iroquois today, where and how they live.

—from the dust jacket

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