Indian Sign Language

Indian Sign Language

Gray-Wolf's Indian Culture series
by Robert Hofsinde
©1956, Item: 86676
Library Binding, 96 pages
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In this authentic handbook, with its concise text and more than two hundred illustrations, Mr. Hofsinde shows how to form the gestures representing over five hundred words in Indian sign language. The vocabulary ranges all the way from long-familiar words such as tree and grass to modern ones such as record player and Technicolor. The signs for some words, like paddle, are obvious; those for others, like talk, are amusing. The language as a whole is an amazingly easy and logical way of expressing a wide variety of ideas.

For present-day American boys and girls, sign language is fun. But for Indian tribes speaking different languages it was for many years the only means of communication. When they came together for council meetings or buffalo hunts or to trade, they were completely dependent on the skilled use of sign language. Even now, boys and girls will find in it not only intriguing possibilities, but real uses—as, for instance, on nature hikes.

—from the dust jacket

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