100 Devotions About God & Science

by Louie Giglio, Nicola Anderson (Illustrator)
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
Hardcover, 207 pages
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Giglio has established himself as the voice of a generation through the founding of Passion City Church and the popular Passion Conference for college-aged students.  There are more than a million social media followers between his personal accounts and those of Passion. He has grown a platform of more than just college kids but also pastors, parents, and adults around the world. He continues to create new content in his first-ever children’s book, Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids about God and Science. Each devotion includes Scripture, a story, an application, a prayer, and a science section.

One of Louie’s most viral sermons was on the scientific element laminin. He often preaches and writes on the glory of God as displayed through creation. Indescribable builds on these themes in fun, kid-friendly ways, and will engage a child’s heart and mind for the glory of God. Each devotion includes Scripture, an illustration or story, a life application, and a prayer, and each devotion includes a science section. Each science section has fun facts or creative experiments for kids to further engage with the content. Further, the interior photography in the book will appeal to kids!

One hundred entries from Louie will cover topics from all areas of science, with devotions on these issues and more:

  • Creation
  • Evolution
  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Space and the universe
  • Molecules and tiny matter
  • Medical science and medical miracles
  • Our amazing bodies
  • Geology and fossils
  • Weather and the atmosphere

In addition, this devotional is unique, engaging, and beautifully designed. Parents will be thrilled to share the messages of both science and faith with their children.

Indescribable will have major appeal for years to come.
This is a fabulous resource for Christian families and for Christian schools and programs.

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