InDepthInfo on Modern European History

InDepthInfo on Modern European History

From the Renaissance to the End of World War I

by William J. Rayment
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Print-on-demand paperback, 214 pages
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This survey history of modern Europe is designed as a text for home schoolers. It contains twenty chapters detailing the events that brought Europe into the current age. With clear and concise analysis the student will get a thorough understanding of the progress of history from the Renaissance to the end of the First World War. Important facts are in bold. Each chapter includes report suggestions and a comprehension quiz. At the end of the book an exam tests the student's overall understanding of the subject.

Supplemental online research articles and multiple choice quizes are available at Complete with original artwork and maps, the student will receive a thorough course of instruction. The text is aimed at the high-school level, grades 9-12. The book also makes a handy reference for college students who need to get a quick overview of a particular period.

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