Including the Special Needs Child

Including the Special Needs Child

Activities to Help All Students Grow and Learn

by Grace Bickert
Mass market paperback, 95 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.95

The "traditional" classroom is a thing of the past: special needs children are being included and mainstream student populations are more diverse than ever. Classrooms are in transition and adapted lessons are a must. In all classrooms each child must be given the opportunity to learn basic skills and improve their social interaction. In an included classroom, students also learn about patience, tolerance and diversity. Having a special needs child in the classroom does not mean that the regular education students will be neglected, ignored, or passed over. All children will benefit from special needs activities and adapted materials included in this helpful resource.

Including the Special Needs Child is divided into two main parts. The first section introduces the reader to the included classroom. The second section presents over sixty pages of activities. Finally, an Appendix, which includes an informative "A Parent's Point of View" as well as a Glossary, will serve as an invaluable aid to both parents and teachers alike.

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