In Their Own Words: Benjamin Franklin

In Their Own Words: Benjamin Franklin

by Peter Roop, Connie Roop
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Mass market paperback, 127 pages
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Historical Setting: Philadelphia, 18th Century

"I was dirty from my journey and my pockets were stuffed out with shirts and stockings. I knew no soul nor where to look for lodging. I was very hungry."

With these words, Benjamin Franklin describes his arrival in Philadelphia in 1723. He had run away from Boston in search of a job at a printer's shop. Ben quickly became known as more than a skilled printer. During his busy life, he invented bifocals and the Franklin stove. He founded a university and a fire department, and he helped to create the Constitution.

Yet these are only a few of Ben's accomplishments. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin

  • dreamed of becoming a sailor as a child?

  • spent over twenty-five years in England and France?

  • created the words battery and electrify?

  • founded the first public library in America?

  • nearly electrocuted himself while trying to kill a turkey for dinner?

  • traveled to all of the American colonies as postmaster?

  • In Their Own Words: Benjamin Franklin tells the exciting story of Ben Franklin's life using his newspaper articles and personal recollections. Hear Ben's story as if you were really there.

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