In the Time of Noah

In the Time of Noah

The Old Stories
by N. D. Wilson, Peter Bentley (Illustrator)
Publisher: Canon Press
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Before the Flood, there was a world dominated by giants, bloodthirsty and merciless. God was grieved. He would judge the world. But He would also save the world.

N.D. Wilson and Peter Bentley again unite to chronicle the history of Noah's obedience, from the building of the ark and the taming of the beasts, to the grounding at Ararat and the promise of the rainbow.

In the Time of Noah uses the version of the Deluge story told by many church fathers from the first several centuries after Christ. Nemesius of Emesa, Ambrose, and Clement of Alexandria are just a few. This version depicts the giants, or nephilim, as born to fallen angels (the "Sons of God"...see Genesis 6). Augustine believed the giants were true giants, but were not the descendants of angelic beings. Others deny both elements of the story and, of course, today it's not difficult to find theologians who deny the story in its entirety. We believe the "Sons of God" were descendants of Seth; the daughters of men were of Cain's lineage; and that their children were truly mighty men. Although we disagree with some of the premise of this book, it's a well-done story anyway!

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