In the Time of Knights

In the Time of Knights

An I Was There Book
by Shelley Tanaka, Greg Ruhl (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 48 pages
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It was a time of slashing swords, castles under siege and gallant knights on horseback. Now the great age of chivalry comes to life through the true story of William Marshal, Perhaps the most remarkable knight who ever lived.

Born in 1146, William was the younger son of an English lord and thus not likely to inherit his father's estate. At the age of thirteen he was sent across the English Channel to a castle in Normandy to learn the ways of a knight.

Part student, part servant, William was taught to use the sword, the spear, and the shield. He worked at building up his strength until he could leap into the saddle of a war horse, dressed in full armor, without his foot touching the stirrup.

In the summer of 1167, with the French king menacing Norman lands, William was knighted in a simple ceremony. The next day, he rode into combat and fought fiercely, continuing to do battle after his horse was killed. Once the fighting was over, William discovered that he had nothing to show for his bravery— no horses, armor or hostages— the prizes of a successful knight.

But soon he was jousting in tournaments all over France and England, winning many spoils of victories and gaining great fame.

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