In the Heart of the Rockies

In the Heart of the Rockies

An Adventure on the Colorado River

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Dover Publications
Trade Paperback, 304 pages
Price: $11.95

A tale of the Old West that is sure to thrill the young explorers in your home. It's 1860 and 16-year-old Tom Wade has just lost both parents. Facing an uncertain future in England with his sisters, Tom sets sail for America to meet friends of Harry and one offers to lead him to his uncle in the backcountry. On the way, Tom learns to ride and shoot, and just in time. When they meet Harry, he and his party are under attack by the Arapaho Indians . . .

"The sound of firing became louder and louder; and Tom felt his heart beat quickly at the thought that he might soon be engaged in a desperate fight with the Indians, and with the odds greatly against his party. 'Come,' Leaping Horse said briefly, at once turning and going off at a swift pace. Jerry asked no questions, but, with Tom, followed close on the Indian's heels. The others followed him and lying down behind the bushes peered through them. Half an hour passed and then a loud yell gave the signal and the two troops galloped towards the rock."

Here begins Tom's two years of adventures which include more Indian fights, big-game hunts, explorations and mining, a snowy winter high in the Rockies, and running the rapids on the unexplored Colorado River. His courage and perseverance pay off. Not only does he build friendships that last a lifetime, he achieves his goal of returning home to give his orphaned sisters a life they never dreamed possible.

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