In Search of Honor

In Search of Honor

by Donna Lynn Hess
Trade Paperback, 153 pages
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"They tied my hands behind my back and led me up three flights of stairs. The damp cold and darkness increased as we ascended, and I berated myself for having left my jacket in the cell below. When we could go no higher, they freed my hands and unlocked one of the heavy doors. Then, shoving me inside, they slammed it shut."

Young Jacques Chénier, caught up in the anarchy and terror of the French Revolution, finds himself living a precarious existence as one calamity follows another. But even worse to bear are the worry about his mother and the heavy load of hatred he carries—hatred for the Comte de Guiche and his son.

While the French Revolution rages throughout Paris, Jacques struggles to free himself from the prison of his own bitterness and to find the true meaning of honor.

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FLAWS: Strong violence
Summary: A young Frenchman must survive the flames of the French Revolution even as he looks to unburden himself from crippling hatred and bitterness.

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  In Search of Honor
Marti Schroeder of T or C, NM, 8/19/2016
After Jacques' father is murdered, all Jacques wants is to see justice served. But the best justice they get is a small bag of coins. It gets harder and harder for Jacques to support himself and his mother. Jacques meets Danton and although he does not have any particular liking for him, it's one way of getting revenge.
I don't want to spoil it for you, so that's all I'll say about it only it's one of my favorites. I read it twice and it was as fresh the second time as it was the first!