In Bikole

In Bikole

Eight Modern Stories About Life in a West African Village

by Tom Gilroy, Monica Vachula (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 84 pages
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Eight memorable short stories offer rare glimpses into the joys and sorrows of daily life in a small West African village. Based on real events—either witnessed or heard from villagers—they reveal the blend of ancient tradition and modern influence that forms the heart of African society.

  • In "The Bird," Adi learns the truth of an ancient proverb through a startling discovery.
  • "New Shoes for Omar" is an ironic tale of a young boy's illness.
  • Sport and spirit come into play as Salue and Jakate prepare for Bikole's big event in "The Wrestling Match."
  • "The Storm" relates Hadi and Ouseynou's life-and-death struggle which culminates with the birth of their son, as well as their renewed understanding of village life.
  • Pets are despised, but a small dog proves himself a worthy member of the family in "Sinklay and the Snake."
  • In "The Marriage," Rosalie becomes a legen in a land where the bride is traditionally "bought."
  • "Family" and "Drought" bring into focus the importance of an unspoken moral code between family and village.

In his first book, Tom Gilroy brings to life the small farming village in Senegal where he lived as a Peace Corps volunteer. In Bikole is a vivid portrait of the African lifestyle, and, especially, of the strong and vigorous will of its people.

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