Iliad & Odyssey of Homer

Iliad & Odyssey of Homer

by Homer, Samuel Butler (Translator)
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COLLECTOR'S EDITION, ©2010, ISBN: 9781435110434
Bonded Leather, 732 pages
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It is the tenth year of the siege of Troy, and no one knows who will win. The gods watch from Mount Olympus and fight, too, some for the Greeks and some of the Trojans. There are battles, and quarrels, and Achilles—the greatest warrior among the Greeks—refuses to fight any longer. But then the Trojan champion Hector kills Achilles' great friend. And the hero Achilles goes out to avenge him . . .

Historians assume The Odyssey was written around 800 B.C. Passed down orally, many scholars believe it originated with one single man. However, some believe that “Homer” was a common name for blind travelers who made a living wandering around Greece reciting poetry. Though we no longer live in a storytelling culture, over the years countless translators have given us their own versions of The Odyssey—varying in style, tone and length.

Butler's version is used by the Memoria Press study guides and the SMARR student literature companions.

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