If Jesus Came to My House

If Jesus Came to My House

by Joan Gale Thomas
Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcover, 20 pages
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A little boy imagines what it would be like if Jesus came to spend the afternoon with him -- the little boy Jesus, of course, "about the age that I am and about the size of me."

It is easy to see why this friendly little book, originally published in England, has already sold 19 editions. It offers the Golden Rule in concepts easily grasped by small children and indirectly suggests some ways to carry them out.

"I still can share with Jesus
the nicest of my toys
by lending them or giving them
to poorer girls and boys.

And though He may not visit me
as I have wished He would,
yet even so He'll bless my house
if I am kind and good."

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