If I Perish

If I Perish

by Esther Ahn Kim
Publisher: Moody Press
Trade Paperback, 277 pages
Price: $14.99

Historical Setting: WWII

Facing imprisonment, persecution and death, a young Korean Christian defies the Japanese warlords.

Ahn Ei Sook stood alone among thousands of kneeling people in bold defiance of the tyrannical command to bow to a pagan Japanese shrine. After months on the run, she was captured and condemned to a living death in the filth and degradation of a Japanese prison.

Although she was imprisoned and tormented for many years, her determination and fortitude never diminished. In spite of the brutality, oppression, and ruthlessness of her captors, Miss Ahn remained true to Christ and won many of her fellow prisoners to Him by her example. Her courageous activities in prison not only brought the light of the Gospel to many, but also resulted in a reduction of torture.

A remarkable true story of the savage persecution of Christians in Korea during World War II.

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