Ice Bird

Ice Bird

A Christmas Legend

by Pauline Innis, Wesley Dennis (Illustrator)
©1965, Item: 93453
Hardcover, 32 pages
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From the icy plains of Norway where the Ice Bird sleeps until spring, a Christmas legend of loyalty and devotion is told—

"The skies were filled with the soft rustle of wings. From every corner of the earth the swans were flying to Bethlehem." The most beautiful and majestic were the Royal Swans, chosen by the other birds to sing for them in Bethlehem. The Royal Swans—to their shame—could not sing, but their fragile companion, the tiny Ice Bird, sang with overwhelming beauty.

The Ice Bird was too delicate to survive the arduous journey, and without protection of Tinga's wings, he would perish from the cold. Driven by an intense desire to help the swans, the courageous Ice Bird and the Royal Swans is vividly portrayed in their perilous journey to Bethlehem, and the final triumph of the Ice Bird's glorious song for the Christ child.

This gentle tale of unselfish devotion gives new meaning to the spirit of Christmas.

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