I Have Just Begun to Fight

I Have Just Begun to Fight

The Story of John Paul Jones

by Captain Edward Ellsberg U.S.N.R, Gerald Foster (Illustrator)
Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Co.
©1942, Item: 93242
Hardcover, 269 pages
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Of all the colorful heroes found in American history, there is none who has more deeply stirred young people's admiration than John Paul Jones. Captain of a merchant ship at the age of twenty-one, commander of the first naval vessel to fly the Stars and Stripes, he was the man who defeated the British Serapis in one of history's greatest sea battles, who sang out when his ship, Bon Homme Richard, was sinking and his enemy ordered his surrender, "I Have Just Begun to Fight!" And he kept on fighting and won.

With young Tom Folger of Nantucket we may watch Jones' struggle to build an American navy, his thrilling sea battles against tremendous odds, and the superb seamanship of the remarkable leader. The material for "I Have Just Begun to Fight!" parallels that of Ellsberg's best-selling adult novel, Captain Paul, but it has been carefully selected and pointed up to make a book that will be avidly read by any boy, and many a girl, who loves stories of the sea, gripping struggles between enemy ships and fearless men. They will realize proudly that the same dauntless courage and fine traditions of the sea that animated John Paul Jones live on in our great American Navy today.

For boys from 10 to 14.

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