I Can Do All Things - Book and Paint & Marker Cards Set

I Can Do All Things - Book and Paint & Marker Cards Set

A Beginning Book of Drawing & Painting

by Barry Stebbing
Publisher: My Father's World
2nd Edition, ©2015, Publisher Catalog #02650
Spiralbound, 181 pages
Price: $29.95

This is a three year curriculum that teaches basic fundamentals of beginning drawing and painting along with a good introduction in how to use colored pencils and markers. There is also a section introducing art appreciation, a glossary, an examination, and a sketchbook. The student may work directly in the text, or it can be copied for family use. Includes a set of paint/marker cards.

This edition from My Father's World has been edited and revised from the text published by How Great Thou Art. Most noticeably, the "Studying the Masters" section has been removed, but other edits and revisions were also made. In this edition, photocopying of the textbook is no longer permitted. My Father's World believes it is best for each child to have his own textbook, so they have reduced the MSRP to make it easier for families to afford that option.

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