I Am David

I Am David

Previously published as North to Freedom

by Anne Holm
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 239 pages
Price: $7.99

David's entire twelve-year life has been spent in a grisly concentration camp in Eastern Europe. He knows nothing of the outside world. But when he is given the chance to escape, he seizes it. Sensing his enemies hot on his heels, David struggles to cope in this strange new world, where his only resources are a compass, a few crumbs of bread, his two aching feet, and some vague advice to seek refuge in Denmark. Is that enough to survive?

Anne Holm's inspiring story of a brave boy's search for freedom is the inspiration for the major motion picture I Am David, starring Jim Caviezel, Joan Plowright, and Ben Tibber, produced by Walden Media, and distributed by Artisan Entertainment.

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  Escape to Freedom
G. Upton of San Antonio, 8/31/2016
This book is about a boy who escapes from a concentration camp. He has to discover the world by himself. As he has never seen the outside world, he has to learn to survive by himself. I have enjoyed this book many times, and I hope to read it again. I think it is appropriate for children 10 and older.
  I Am David
Ginger C. of Portland, Oregon, 1/13/2011
This is an excellent story, very innocently written! The child's perspective of the world from having been inside a concentration camp for 10 years is unforgetable. Children who do not have a good understanding of the Holocaust, however, will not be able to appreciate it. I would recommend visiting a Holocaust memorial, watching the documentary film "The Paperclip" and thoroughly studying WWII before having them read this book. It is one of my all time favorites! A feature film of the same title is available, but the plot is changed, eliminating the choice the boy makes to follow "the god of the green pastures" that he learned about from a man in the concentration camp. The spiritual ramifications of his decision and the choices he makes are very thought provoking. I had my kids watch the film of the same name after reading the book just so we could discuss the different way the story is told. Excellent, thought provoking fiction!