Hull-Down for Action

Hull-Down for Action

by Armstrong Sperry
Publisher: Doubleday & Company
©1945, Item: 88113
Hardcover, 213 pages
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In the jungles and unexplored valleys of Guadalcanal, among primitive South Pacific tribes, Judd Anders and his tree companions play a dangerous game in this fast-moving adventure story by the author of Lost Lagoon.

A mutiny on his boat, The Island Queen, leaves Judd and his three friends adrift on a raft in the Pacific. It was two grueling weeks of sun and thirst and hunger before they landed on Guadalcanal. There were Judd; Ken, a landlubber who never knew when he was licked; Cork, eighteen and tough as hemp; and Terii, with native Samoan knowledge at his fingertips.

The four become mixed up with Japs, native tribes, and the British Intelligence before the rousing climax which gives them all the revenge they want—and more, too.

Armstrong Sperry spent two years wandering in the South Seas, in the region about which he writes this genuine and exciting story.

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