Hudson's Bay Company

Hudson's Bay Company

World Landmark #24
by Richard Morenus
Publisher: Random House
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Into the unknown and mysterious Northwest Territories went the hardy "voyageurs" of the Hudson's Bay Company. The strong young men seeking adventure and fur—the rich treasure of the North! First came Pierre Radisson, tanned and hardened by the endless treks, the fearsome labor of traveling hundreds of miles through harsh and savage countryside. After Radisson came others—Kelsey, D'Iberville and Hearn—tough and courageous men fated to conquer a wilderness and to create a new land.

Here is the story of the Hudson's Bay Company, the story of Canada itself. From the middle of the seventeenth century to the middle of the nineteenth—nearly two hundred years—the Old and the New Worlds battled with the broad expanse of Canada as a pawn, while men in the backwoods conquered the brutal wilderness, making their new territory the richest in the world.

The Northwest Company and the French posts deep in the backwoods rose to challenge the Hudson's Bay Company. But after years of hate and of strife the Company emerged triumphant. Peace and order reigned, the bountiful new territory was settled.

This book tales of the frozen North, the land of the beaver, the trader, the Indian. Behind its present peaceful exterior lies a story of bloodshed and violence, of treasures lost and won, of hardship and privation, and of valiant men who were not afraid to dream and to fight to make their dreams come true.

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