How We Live

How We Live

Economic Wisdom Simplified

by Richard Stanton Rimanoczy & Fred Clark
Trade Paperback, 40 pages
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  A Helpful Little Booklet On Capitalism
TammyA of Oregon, 7/17/2010
"How We Live: Economic Wisdom Simplified" is a helpful little booklet to introduce basic free enterprise/capitalistic concepts to younger students or to use as a quick-start for bigger studies for older students.

"How We Live" outlines the basic economic concepts of work, labor, tools, wealth, employment, unemployment, productivity, prices, patents, trademarks, management, capital and corporate business as utilized in the American free enterprise/capitalist system.

In its presentation it shows how the above concepts balance and effect each other through supply and demand principles (although those terms unfortunately are not used).

The booklet's purpose, written originally in 1944, was to quickly educate the average American citizen in the economic truths of free enterprise capitalism...a pressing issue during a time when fascism, socialism, and communism were competing for world domination.

It is still a pressing issue as world opinion continues to extol the virtues of socialism and communism while ignoring the simple truths of free enterprise to demonize corporate business and capitalism.

Richard Mayberry's "Penny Candy" book is an excellent follow up from this booklet to continue an easy to understand, non-terminology bound (but solid) introduction into economic studies.