How to Write a Story Grades 1-3

How to Write a Story Grades 1-3

by Evan Moor Educational Publishers
Revised Edition, ©2001, Publisher Catalog #EMC 799
Activity Books, 96 pages
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How to Write a Story, includes:

  • Setting the Stage for Writing-reading to your class, word walls, story walls
  • Teaching the Parts of a Story
  • Step-by-Step Writing Units

Story Writing Ideas:

  • retell a fairy tale
  • a pattern story
  • a circle story
  • a sequence-and-write story

A Story Writing Center: directions, forms, and patterns for 5 story-writing centers

  • Who, What, Where, When
  • Start with a Picture
  • Story Starters
  • Story Parts
  • Train Tales—each train car represents a different part of the story
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