How To Tutor

How To Tutor

A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching the 3 R's

by Samuel Blumenfeld
Publisher: Storehouse Press
Trade Paperback, 298 pages
Price: $24.00

Samuel L. Blumenfeld explains why you need this book:

"The need for tutors today is greater than ever. The reason for this is quite obvious. Public education is mass education, and there are hundreds of thousands of children who need individual, one-to-one attention if they are to achieve any real success in their schoolwork. The mass educational setting is simply not conducive to good work for many slow-learning children. In addition, public school instruction is deficient in so many ways that millions of children of average intelligence are not learning what they should.

"Who is qualified to be a tutor? Anyone willing and able to do the job can tutor. If you are a parent with a high school education, you are eminently qualified to teach the basic program in this book to your own child—provided you have the time and patience to do so. If you are a high school or college student you may also qualify if you can follow the instructions in this book, relate well to children, and understand their learning problems. Retired teachers, of course, make excellent tutors, adapting their years of schoolroom experience to the tutoring situation. And finally, there is that large category of married women with college educations who, for one reason or another, do not pursue full-time careers, but have the time, the energy, and the desire to offer tutoring services at home for a few hours a day. For such women, tutoring can indeed be an excellent way of supplementing the family income as well as performing a valuable, needed service for the community.

"It is not necessary to have had formal teaching experience to become a good tutor. If you have enjoyed reading to children and answering their questions, then you should enjoy tutoring. With the proper instructional materials, anyone who enjoys children can become a good tutor."

This book shows you how—step by easy step!

Table of Contents:

Part One: How to Qualify as a Tutor
Part Two: Reading
Part Three: Writing
Part Four: Arithmetic
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