How to Read Slowly

How to Read Slowly

Reading for Comprehension

by James Sire
Publisher: Shaw Books
3rd Edition, ©1978, ISBN: 9780877883579
Trade Paperback, 191 pages
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Your eyes see the words, but do you read what you see?

Every article, poem, book, even every printed advertisement not only carries information but also projects a way of looking at life. This book helps readers detect not only what writers say but what lies behind their words.

The careful reading of any book requires that we seek out the author's standpoint. What is this author's larger philosophical commitment? What does he or she think life is about? Any book, fiction or prose, should be sifted, probed, and its world-view exposed. Slowing down will increase our comprehension.

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Summary: Sire encourages us to slow down and take the time to really understand what we read and its underlying worldview.

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