How to Grow a Young Music Lover

How to Grow a Young Music Lover

Helping Your Child Discover and Enjoy the World of Music

by Cheri Fuller, Charlie Peacock (Foreword)
Publisher: Shaw Books
2nd Edition, ©2002, ISBN: 9780877883708
Trade Paperback, 185 pages
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From playtime to bedtime, music builds children's cognitive, motor, and creative development and adds joy and beauty to their lives. Experts believe that children's exposure to music in the early years determines both their musical ability and their capacity to enjoy music. Regardless of a child's age or your own musical background, you can learn How to Grow a Young Music Lover who will have a passion for music that lasts a lifetime. In this book you will discover:

  • the musical activities a child needs at each age

  • the best rhymes and recordings for children

  • the link between musical enjoyment and school achievement

  • and many more practical, insightful, and fun ways to teach children about music!

Includes a "Classics Month-by-Month" chapter offering a full year of music curriculum for the parent or teacher.

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