How Should We Then Live? - DVD

How Should We Then Live? - DVD

by Francis A. Schaeffer
Publisher: Apologetics Group
©2005, Item: 7693
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After 40 years of intense study and world-wide ministry, Dr. Francis Schaeffer completed his crowning work of scholarship—to present profound truths in simple film language. Dr. Schaeffer's brilliant analysis of the past and predictions for current trends have proven so uncannily accurate that this amazing series still feels current about three decades after its initial release. Ultimately, Schaeffer concludes that man's only hope is a return to God's biblical absolute, the truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures.

Available for the first time on DVD, this documentary spectacular also includes intimate in-depth conversations with Francis and Edith Schaeffer. With the on-disc Study Guide, this presentation forms a unique course of comprehensive study.

While this series forms an innovative analysis of the past, this outstanding work is more than history. Each episode focuses on a significant era, yet speaks clearly to 21st Century man with answers for modern problems.

Ten episodes on two discs—approximately six hours total running time.

Disc 1:

  1. The Roman Age
  2. The Middle Ages
  3. The Renaissance
  4. The Reformation
  5. The Revolutionary Age

    Disc 2:

  6. The Scientific Age
  7. The Age of Non-Reason
  8. The Age of Fragmentation
  9. The Age of Personal Peace & Affluence
  10. Final Choices

    Bonus Interviews:

    Living with Suffering and Sickness
    God's Leading in L'Abri and Our Lives

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