How Much is a Million?

How Much is a Million?

by David M. Schwartz, Steven Kellogg (Illustrator)
1st Edition, ©1985, ISBN: 9780688040499
Hardcover, 40 pages
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How much is a million?

If one million kids stood on each other’s shoulders, they would reach higher than planes could fly. If you wanted to count from one to one million, it would take you twenty-three days.

What about a billion?

If a billion kids stood on each other’s shoulders…

This extraordinary counting book, illustrated by the beloved Steven Kellogg, takes you on a wild journey from the galaxies to a harbor-sized fishbowl to discover the magnitude of a million, a billion, and even a trillion. Complete with an explanation of the author’s methods of calculation, this book will have you gasping and laughing at the same time.

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