How and Why Wonder Book of Fossils

How and Why Wonder Book of Fossils

by John A. Burton, John Barber (Illustrator)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
©1976, Item: 90910
Perfectbound, 48 pages
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Fossils, the remains of extinct animals and plants, are much more in evidence than most people realize. For instance, coal is the remains of plants that lived in swampy forests millions of years ago. Limestone, often used as building stone, is the remains of extinct sea creatures. Amber, used for making jewelry, is the fossilized remains of resin from pine trees. Chalk, oil, and many other substances are fossil remains of extinct plants and animals from long ago.

Occasionally, more spectacular fossils are found–dinosaurs in North America, frozen mammoths in Siberia, cave bears in the Alps, and so forth. But anyone can find fossils. By looking carefully in chalk, limestone, or coal, it is always possible to find a really beautiful fossil.

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