Houseboat Girl

Houseboat Girl

by Lois Lenski
Reprint, ©2011, ISBN: 9781453250129
Trade Paperback, 204 pages
List Price: $16.99 Sale Price: $14.44

Historical Setting: Mississippi River, 1954

What would it be like to live on a houseboat on the Mississippi River with two parents, four kids, eight chickens, several turtles, a dog, and a cat? Patsy and her family are about to find out! At first, Patsy is upset when her parents decide to move from their home in River City, Illinois, to a houseboat on the Mississippi River. She'll miss her house and friends, and she's sure the trip downriver will be boring. Gradually, she and her brother and sisters get used to their new life. Patsy grows to love the ever-changing river, where she even learns to swim. But she can't help longing for a real house-on land.

Houseboat Girl is based on the experiences of real families living on the Mississippi River in the summer of 1954.

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